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Script Defender: security extension for a safer chrome

Adware Script Defender Chrome extension Script Defender is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to block scripts, plugins and other unwanted page elements to protect your web browser from malicious adware. You can now decide which scripts run on your browser and which do not. The Script Defender interface is simple.

Script Defender: security extension for a safer chrome

Script Defender is AN extension for the Google Chrome browser that permits you to dam scripts, plugins, and alternative unwanted page parts to shield your browser from malicious adware. you'll currently decide that scripts run on your browser and that don't.

The Script Defender interface is straightforward, quite straightforward. A blue sign icon can seem within the higher right corner of your browser once you transfer and install this Google Chrome extension. The settings page opens in your Chrome browser directly when putting in the extension. It shows 2 sections Whitelist and List. The Lists section is for default navigation sessions, whereas the white list contains a permanent list. and area units listed in white by default. If you would like to feature

You can produce a white list of internet sites that will then run any script in your browser. With this setting, you'll permit Flash, JavaScript, Silverlight, and Java to figuring solely on the trusty domains of your alternative. you'll additionally block offensive pictures and iframes on the Settings page. alternative settings embody script settings, plug-in settings, image settings, and cookie settings.

Use these choices to regulate settings for specific sites or domains. Some hostnames area units forced by the extension, however, you'll management parameter behavior for alternative domains. you'll add or take away hostname templates within the following steps:

Click the Host Name Pattern box ANd enter the name that you would like to form an exception.

To create exceptions for a complete domain, type[*…] (for example,[*…] This corresponds to and

You can additionally specify AN informatics address, IPv6 address, or URL.

Use the menu to pick the precise behavior of the web site or domain: permit or Lock.

With this window, you'll additionally take away exceptions. merely hover your mouse over the web site or domain and click on the X displayed, then click Done.

Script Defender will chafe you by obstruction all visited websites, however, you'll modification the settings directly by clicking the sign icon within the higher right corner of your browser. you'll then permit or block pictures, script, plugin, iFrame, and host. you'll permit or block everything by clicking the corresponding buttons within the pop-up window.

In this window, you'll additionally add an internet site on to the white list. Well, I may also see an intermission button here during this popup window that helps you permit all websites worldwide, which suggests it pauses the extension and runs the domain on your browser.

In short, the Script Defender Chrome Extension worked on behalf of me and did what it claims. you'll transfer this Script Defender extension here

Thanks, Dan for informing the USA regarding this excellent Chrome extension. It very appears to be a pleasant improvement in security for Chrome users.

You can additionally attempt ExtShield, a chrome extension that warns against malicious extensions.

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