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Save Your Computer Form Blue Screen Of Death

Restart won't solve the problem. One of the solutions available is that it requires a BIOS restart. BIOS (basic input/output system) is a system that lets your PC components start to boot, it's a bridge between software and hardware and is very important, without a PC not working.

Save Your Computer Form Blue Screen Of Death
Resetting the BIOS requires someone to release the BIOS battery inside the PC, a thorough process that requires knowledge of Computer hardware operation.

The BIOS restart will fix the problem every time I see BlueScreen but will have to open my PC every time it does not walk in the park.

HP and almost every other manufacturer offer BIOS updates for their users on their website for free.

Importance of BIOS updates

  1. It enables your PC to better deal with hardware compatibility issues.
  2. Newer updates generally improve the bugs known in previous versions.
  3. It offers the latest security updates.

If your PC is working properly, a BIOS update may not be necessary. Make sure your drivers are up to date to improve your PC performance.

Disclaimer: Opening your PC may terminate your warranty or cause damage to the PC, doing so is at your own risk.

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