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Reasons Why Windows Is Running Slowly

Angry when the laptop slows down, after 10 minutes, it no longer loads, we go for coffee, and it's not ready to load yet. We're out for lunch, and it's not ready to load yet. I understand that feeling.So that's a question mark. What's the reason?

Too many software start-ups

Okay, what startup software is this? He's software that will run every time our computer is on. Usually Antivirus, Steam, will run after you get to the desktop.
Reasons Why Windows Is Running Slowly

So what can be done? Disable the software, and run it when you need it. It's better, and it doesn't consume any memory or RAM. And if there is a lot of antiviruses it can also remove the ones that are not used.

Too much software opening

Okay, this one's ready to load, but in use, it's slow. Usually, when our computers are low, and we open a lot of Chrome tabs, and also have Microsoft Word open, it can make our computers slow. Or your spec is enough, but your RAM is low, you need to add RAM, so you can multi-tasking more.


This is quite common, for viruses, we definitely need antivirus. This one is up to you. If admin, admin install Windows Defender with SMADAV hehe.

Hard Disk Defective

Defective hard disks can cause many kinds of problems on our computer. Slow loading, blue screen, noises, missing files and more. How do we check our hard drive? Can download Hard Disk Sentinel for health hard disk check. Free je.

For hard disks, for repair, it's quite impossible, and can only be replaced by the new one

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