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How to Make a Bootable USB Flashdisk on Windows Using PowerISO

How to Make a Bootable USB Flashdisk on Windows Using PowerISO

There are many ways to make a bootable window with a flash on the internet, but an effective way that you can apply is to use PowerISO.
Back in the 2000s, to install Windows or Linux, of course, using a CD or DVD drive as a medium for installation.
With the development of technology every year, this method has begun to be abandoned. The use of CDs and DVD drives is mostly used for ebook or multimedia storage media.
How to Make a Bootable USB Flashdisk on Windows Using PowerISO

Even I no longer function DVD Drive on the laptop that I use. I prefer to replace it with an external hard drive via HDD Caddy. Not bad for adding laptop hard drive capacity.
So what do most people use now to make Bootable Windows and Linux, while the use of CDs and DVDs has been abandoned?

This is where the role of Flashdisk becomes important. Not only as a data storage medium such as music, pictures, videos and document files, but also used as a medium for making Bootable Windows and Linux.

Then how do you make Bootable Windows?
Before that, you need to follow the conditions or requirements before making bootable.
What are the Terms and Conditions for being able to make Bootable using a Flashdisk? the following explanation.
Terms and Conditions for Making a Bootable USB

1. Flashdisk Size of at least 4GB

Why does it have to be at least 4GB?
Because, the average capacity of the Operating System (OS) of Windows is at least 3GB, so it takes a larger flash disk than that to make the boot.
Unlike the Operating System (OS) used by Linux. The average capacity requires only a minimum capacity of 500MB. Because basically, the Linux OS is lightweight.
So for Linux OS, you can use a 2GB Flashdisk to make it bootable.

2. PowerISO application

Actually, there are lots of applications that can be used to make a Bootable USB. But in this article, I will only discuss How to Make Bootable Windows with Power ISO.

3. Windows.ISO file

  1. You must have a windows file with the format. ISO to be made bootable on the flash. You can try Windows with any version, but my advice is to use Windows with the latest version.

  2. For the latest version of Windows 10, you can get it through the official website of Microsoft following the latest Windows 10 launch.

  3. That's the requirement that must be met to make a bootable. not so complicated right? Next to the core stage.

How to Make Bootable Using PowerISO

  1. As I explained above, to make a bootable, you need 3 things above and I assume you have fulfilled all the requirements.
  2. This method can be applied to computers or laptops that use Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
  3. Plug the flash into your laptop or computer.
  4. Format or empty the contents of your Flashdisk first.

How to Make Bootable With PowerISO on Windows

  1. If you don't have the PowerISO app yet, please download it via the official Poweriso website. Download PowerISO launch , and install as usual.
  2. After the Power ISO application is installed, open it in Administrator mode by right-clicking the application then selecting Run as administrator.
  3. How To Make Bootable Easily With PowerISO
  4. After the application opens, continue by clicking Tools> Create Bootable USB Drive. The Bootable settings window will appear.

How to Make a Bootable USB with PowerISO

  1. In the section Source Image File, please click icon folderin the upper right corner. Locate the Windows ISO file that you want to make Bootable.
  2. In the section Destination USB Drive, please select your flashdisk.
  3. And in the section Write Method, please select the USB - HDD
  4. Last button Startand then click the button again OKto begin the Bootable creation process.

How To Make Bootable With PowerISO Easily

  1. The bootable usb creation process is in progress, wait for approximately 10 minutes until the process is complete.
  2. How to make a bootable flashdisk with PowerISO
  3. Flashdisk can be used to install Windows on laptops and computers.
  4. The format

At this point, you can already use a flash disk to be bootable to be able to use to install your Windows.

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