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How to Completely Uninstall Any Programs from Windows

From the name of this software we already know that the function of IObit uninstaller is software to remove/uninstall programs. You can download this software for free here. The software is also lightweight, practical, and easy to use.

How to Completely Uninstall Any Programs from Windows

But, what's the difference between removing/uninstalling using this software?


The answer is already in the title of this article. If we uninstall a program with the default uninstaller program itself, sometimes some files or folders are still not deleted even though the uninstall process is complete. Maybe if it's just like that, we can delete the remaining files manually, but usually the files in the registry that are related to the program we just uninstalled don't get deleted and become junk, because those files no longer have any function. , but it's still stored in the registry.
It must be very difficult and time-consuming to find all the files in the registry, then delete them one by one. In addition, sometimes some programs do not provide an uninstaller, so we cannot delete the program.

Well, this software gives us ease in uninstalling. Programs that do not provide the uninstaller, we can use this software to remove it. This application can also delete all the files associated with the uninstalled program which certainly does not work anymore after the program does not exist.

Want to try? Immediately, download the existing link at the beginning of the article or if you are lazy to scroll up again, download:

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IObit Uninstaller
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The download is fast, because this software is lightweight, and after the download is complete, this software does not need to be installed, so I say this software is lightweight and practical.

Double click on this application icon, then the application will open. Choose which program you want to uninstall.
This is an example of a program that I want to uninstall (but after this is installed again, hihihi .....: D), if you are sure you want to uninstall, click the green "Uninstall" button.

The uninstall process will run like a normal uninstaller. After the uninstall process is complete, if we also want to delete the remaining files, click "Powerful Scan", then the remaining files related to the program that has just been uninstalled will be detected. You can see many files still left. Without this software, maybe files like that will continue to pile up without any use. But, depending on the program being uninstalled, several programs after being uninstalled, don't leave many files.

Just delete everything, because the files will no longer be used, "Select All", then "Delete". Uninstall sorted without leaving any file.

Quite useful is not the software bearing the letter "U". How to use it easily, right? Download it right away, don't use it for a long time, even if you don't have any software to uninstall, don't lose this software.

Just comment if there is something missing or wrong in this article, I will correct it later. Thanks for your visit.

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