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How to Complete Restore a Microsoft Word File That You Forgot to Save

Forgot to save the typed file in Microsoft Word is often found, but don't worry, the file will not disappear and can be loaded again by following the tutorial in this article.

To restore MS Word files that are forgotten to save is certainly quite easy, usually one of the reasons users don't save documents before exiting the Microsoft Word window is because of a sudden power failure.
How to Complete Restore a Microsoft Word File That You Forgot to Save

That is the most common thing, but it is also usually caused by a computer that suddenly hangs or lags, which makes us have to stop the application by force through the Task Manager.

In fact, there is also due to the negligence of the user himself who deliberately does not save the document because it would not be so important.

If something like that happens, don't worry about your data being lost, because all types of MS Word starting from MS Word 2007 to MS Word 2018 already have an AutoSave feature. which allows saving documents automatically every few minutes.

Then how do I find the document file? Follow the steps below.

How to Restore MS Word Documents That Are Not Saved

In this example, I use MS Word 2018, and the method is the same as MS Word 2013 or MS Word 2010.

  1. Open your Microsoft Office Word, and then select a blank sheet.
  2. If a new sheet is open, click Filein the upper left corner to open the document file settings.
  3. Followed by Click Info» Manage Document» Recoved Unsaved Documents.
  4. Restore Unsaved Word Documents
  5. All unsaved work documents will appear in this folder, that is the folder UnsavedFiles. All you have to do is open the file, and your documents can be reused.
  6. Restore Unsaved Word Documents

Easy enough right? Now you don't need to worry about your typed documents missing, because this feature is present in every version of Microsoft Word, and the method is the same in every version. So, please try.

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