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7 Easy Ways to Protect Your PC

The easiest way to keep your computer safe is to do regular maintenance. Without the need for advanced care, just enough basic care is needed to improve performance and also increase PC life.

Install Antivirus

This antivirus software is responsible for protecting your computer from all sorts of dangers. Some are free, and some are paid. And you better pay less than pay more to get your data back and Windows back.
7 Easy Ways to Protect Your PC

Update your computer

If you are using a computer with the original Windows 10, you should update it to reduce glitches and bugs found on Windows as well.

Run Maintenance

This step is important to keep your laptop safe. You can do Disk Cleanup to remove any data you don't need, and you can also use Disk Defragment to rearrange files on your computer.

Clean the keyboard

It is normal to eat while using a computer but you need to stop this bad habit. These eating bits can damage the components in the keyboard.

Wipe the monitor screen

Because you will use your PC regularly and you need to clear the screen so that you can see clearly without interruption. Use a micro-fiber cloth to prevent the screen from scratches.

Remove dust from PC

The fan reduces the heat present on the PC, and the adhesive dust on the fan can slow the fan down and can even cause heat to fall out. If you can't clean it yourself, you can send it to the store for service.

Use quality Power Supply

Poor quality supply cannot last long. It also does not provide protection and is likely to explode.

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